A Testimonial Dinner: The Songs of XTC is a 1995 tribute album, featuring a variety of artists covering songs from the British band XTC. Unusually, XTC make an appearance on their own tribute album under the pseudonym Terry & the Lovemen.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Andy Partridge unless otherwise indicated.
  1. "Earn Enough for Us", performed by Freedy Johnston - 3:29
  2. "Senses Working Overtime", performed by Spacehog - 3:52
  3. "All You Pretty Girls", performed by Crash Test Dummies - 4:15
  4. "Wake Up", performed by The Verve Pipe (Colin Moulding) - 4:04
  5. "Making Plans For Nigel", performed by The Rembrandts (Moulding) 5:03
  6. "Dear God", performed by Sarah McLachlan - 3:58
  7. "The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul", performed by Rubén Blades - 4:53
  8. "Another Satellite", performed by P. Hux - 4:20
  9. "25 O'Clock", performed by They Might Be Giants - 4:05
  10. "The Good Things", performed by Terry & the Lovemen (Moulding) - 4:42
  11. "Statue of Liberty", performed by Joe Jackson - 3:05

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