Apple Venus Volume 1 is an XTC album released in 1999. It was the first on the band's own Idea Records and distributed in the US by TVT Records. It reached #42 in the UK and spawned two singles: "I'd Like That" and "Easter Theatre."

Dave Gregory left the band before the release.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Andy Partridge, except where noted.
  1. "River of Orchids" – 5:53
  2. "I'd Like That" – 3:50
  3. "Easter Theatre" – 4:37
  4. "Knights in Shining Karma" – 3:39
  5. "Frivolous Tonight" (Colin Moulding) – 3:10
  6. "Greenman" – 6:17
  7. "Your Dictionary" – 3:14
  8. "Fruit Nut" (Colin Moulding) – 3:01
  9. "I Can't Own Her" – 5:26
  10. "Harvest Festival" – 4:15
  11. "The Last Balloon" – 6:40



Additional musiciansEdit

  • Dave Gregory - piano, keyboards, keyboard programming, guitars, backing vocals
  • Prairie Prince - drums, percussion
  • Guy Barker - trumpet and flugelhorn solo on "The Last Balloon"
  • Steve Sidwell - trumpet solo on "Easter Theatre"
  • Nick Davis, Haydn Bendall - extra keyboards
  • Mike Batt - orchestral arrangements for "Greenman" and "I Can't Own Her"
  • All arrangements played by The London Sessions Orchestra under their leader Gavin Wright


  • Haydn Bendall - original production, engineering
  • Nick Davis - additional production, engineering, mix
  • Barry Hammond, Alan Douglas - recording engineers
  • Simon Dawson - mix assistance
  • Tim Young - mastering


  • The album was released after seven years in the making
  • Album title taken from a lyric in the song "Then She Appeared" on their last studio album, Nonsuch.
  • Guitarist Dave Gregory walked out during the recording of the album, over musical differences and disagreements about his role in XTC ending a 20 year relationship as a band member.

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