"Atom Medley" is a live medley performance of "Into the Atom Age" with "Hang on to the Night" and "Neon Shuffle," all written by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set.


Andy: “The stunned Aussies made enough noise to warrant an encore so they got a selection of old toss from the White Music album. The enigmatic statement by Colin, at the start, ‘Get these fans down, they're ruining my hairdo’ has, alas, nothing to do with generous breasted girl admirers spilling onto the stage. Merely the fact that the industrial size cooling fans we'd brought to keep down the stage temperature, were making him look like every member of Split Enz simultaneously.

“We trooped back on stage in the dark, the lights had failed. But gave it our all, and carried on giving it our all despite the power to the amps momentarily giving out (at 2.25). Prompting the tetchy remark ‘get the fucking shillings going!’ Terry, bless him, kept on hammering.”

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