"Crocodile" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1992 album Nonsuch.

The demo appeared on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 5 in 2004.


Andy: “The most basic thing on the album - a noisy pop song about jealousy. It's about putting a shape to an emotion that we've all felt, the shape of a crocodile. The beast comes to live with you, and then devours you if you're not careful.”

Andy (on the demo): “Believe it or not the title from this came from an Early Learning Centre kids percussion toy bought for Holly or Harry. It was a guiro style scraper shaped like a long green crocodile, and when you're casting your eyes around for inspiration... . Mr. Croc appears as himself on every chorus, getting his back scratched. 5th April 1990.”



No you won't make me jealous

That she left me for him

Scene one standing

Crushed on landing

You may have walked out

But I'll swallow up my fate

Scene two sitting

Man in kitchen

Bit cold and lifeless like

The burger on my plate

But there's one emotion I'm afraid of

Hear him scratching gently to be fed

I can't stand it when he sits there smiling

I don't want him nesting in my head


No you won't make me jealous

That she left me for him

Get away


No you won't make me jealous

I'm not letting you in

Scene three lying

(through his backteeth)

Speared and dying

(bitten beneath)

I'll crawl the wall to hand there

Skinned and stuffed with drink

But there's one emotion I'm controlling

Green eyed monster with his jaws spread wide

(But he's your pet now

You can't run away and hide)

I can't stand it when he sits there crying

I don't want to throw myself inside




With the jaded jealous smile)

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