"Find the Fox" is a song by Colin Moulding. It originally appeared in 1987 as a B-side to the "The Meeting Place" 12" single. It later appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set.


The hunt is on to find the fox

Cross patchwork fields and spiny copse

Much to and froing

White horses showing

Their pearly teeth

He lead them up into a wood

Where he escape

I guess he should

You know he's a late starter

But he's much smarter

Than the rest

He lead them up a garden path

Such craftiness

You got to laugh

They got a clue, man

He's almost human

Fox on the loose

You must see him showing if you run boy run boy

You must see him showing so be ready with your gun

You never see the going if you take the wrong side

You never see the going in the early morning sun

The hunt is on to find the fox

To find the fox

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