Fuzzy Warbles Volume 2 is the second part of Andy Partridge's Fuzzy Warbles collection. It collects outtakes, demos and other bootlegs directly from Andy's personal tapes. It was released in December 2002.


  1. "Ridgeway Path"
  2. "I Don't Want to be Here"
  3. "Young Marrieds"
  4. "No One Here Available"
  5. "Obscene Procession"
  6. "Miller Time"
  7. "You're the Wish You Are I Had (demo)"
  8. "Ra Ra Rehearsal"
  9. "Ra Ra for Red Rocking Horse"
  10. "Everything'll Be Alright"
  11. "25 O'Clock (demo)"
  12. "GOOM"
  13. "Chain of Command (demo)"
  14. "All of a Sudden (demo)"
  15. "Summer's Cauldron (demo)"
  16. "Then She Appeared (demo)"
  17. "It's Snowing Angels"
  18. "Ship Trapped in the Ice"

All songs were recorded at Andy's home. All instruments and vocals by Andy Partridge.

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