"Glow" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1987 home demo cassette collection Jules Verne's Sketchbook.


Andy: “Recorded in '82 when I first bought my tape machine. This is all improvised (sounds it!). Had good fun doing the sax bits. It's just aural scribbling really.”


Is the airplane sweeping low?

Dropping leaflets down below

Ho, ho, ho. What they read, what they read

[Aw commation]

Is affecting you

Prince Othello

[Stays her glow]

Othello, the fellow, Othello, Othello

[Down wine] pho-to, oh

[Guess that's lee]

What does this mean to me?

Well, got the airplane sweeping low

dropping photo of Othello

The fellow, Othello is gonna

Make you

Glow, glow, glow

Glow, glow. Glow

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