"Goodbye Humanosaurus" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1992 fan club cassette The Bull with the Golden Guts, then on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 3 in 2003.


Andy: “Written for Nonsuch. Ouch! Sorry about the painful rhymes for saurus. We rehearsed it in a much more stripped down R & B feel (not as campfire as this version) but still it was doomed to the extinction box.”

Andy: “We rehearsed the shirt off of this for the Nonsuch album in so many styles. Blues minimal grind, lighter ska skank with added anchorman ankh angst. You name it. . . anyway, here's the original campfire home demo. Please forgive the rhymes for saurus, my burger bap brain was tied in knots.”


Sing along, join in right here

Just take your suitcase from my wardrobe

And pack it full of guns and bombs

Them CFC's and germ-war microbes

We've been destroying stuff too long

And if there's no hope for us

Just you raise your voice in chorus

Goodbye humanosaurus

They'll teach at schools we were cold-blooded

And that we spoke in fluent hurt

How we all drowned as litter flooded

We treat the Earth like it was dirt

And so I must implore us

Don't go near that exit door-us

Goodbye humanosaur

there'll be no more us

They were big with brains the size of a burger bap

History has got 'em down as a homo sap

And all that now remains

Are the overgrown fast lanes

And junk food cartons

They'd adore us if we'd just sweep up the floor-us

Goodbye humanosaur

Clean the shore

No more war


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