"Hey, it's Alan Burston!" is a jingle by Andy Partridge for Wiltshire Radio's Alan Burston. It appeared on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 4 in 2003.


Andy: “Another of Mr Burston's jaunty jingles [see also ‘Howlin' Burston’ and ‘Alan Burston Bop’]. As well as doing a local radio show, he also used to DJ at the Swindon College disco or in support of visiting bands. The young me would be a huge pain in the arse requesting tracks that were really out of his remit, like Can's ‘Haleluwah’ or The Pink Fairies' ‘Snake’. Poor old Alan just wanted to play his beloved old rock n' roll.”



Hey It's Alan Burston

He's Gonna Have You Swinging Like A Backyard Gate

Hey It's Alan Burston

He's Gonna Take You As High As A Kite

Hey It's Alan Burston Tonight

Alan Burston on Saturday Night


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