"Howlin' Burston" is a radio jingle by Andy Partridge for Wiltshire Radio's Alan Burston. It appeared on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 1 in 2002.


Andy: “There was a local radio station called Wiltshire Radio (W.R.) and the best thing about it was the show by Swindon's elder rocking statesman, and terpsichorean taff, Alan Burston. I recorded for him several jingles. This one is me doing Beefheart, doing Howlin' Wolf, doing Bluto, mid 80s.”


How how hoo how

How how hoo how

I feel so blue, my heart's made of wood

There's only one D.J. can make me feel good

and that's Alan Burston on WR tonight,

and make it alright

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