Jules Verne's Sketchbook is a 1987 cassette collection of home demos and then-unreleased material by Andy Partridge, released in Canada by the North American fan club. Every track, except "Glow" and "Dripping Basin," was re-released on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles series.

The cassette was followed up five years later with The Bull with the Golden Guts.


  1. "Young Cleopatra"
  2. "Motorcycle Landscape"
  3. "Happy Families"
  4. "Glow"
  5. "Moonlit Drive"
  6. "Broomstick Rhythm"
  7. "Work"
  8. "Ra Ra for Red Rocking Horse"
  9. "Disque Bleu"
  10. "Mopti Fake"
  11. "Little Lighthouse (demo)"
  12. "When We Get to England"
  13. "Shaking Skin House"
  14. "Obscene Procession"
  15. "Dripping Basin"


Andy: “These songs were recorded on a four track cassette machine in the spare bedroom or attic using guitars, keyboards, drum machines and voices, with the odd tambourine or saxophone thrown in. I won't apologise for the rough quality of these pieces as originally they were intended only to be heard by the band and record company. I hope you'll forgive their subterranean naïvety.”

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