"Ladybird" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1983 album Mummer.

The demo appeared on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 7 in 2006.


Andy: “In compiling this collection Virgin asked us to list our favourites from their back catalogue. My list came to about two dozen, but lack of space meant only a few could sneak on, amongst the rarities, out-takes and demos. I'm glad this gentle ditty made it. Engineered (oh, alright, produced as well) and mixed by the grumpy but gifted Steve Nye. This is another Manor recording from late in '82, for the tentatively titled Fallen from the Garden album. The title wasn't to stay for too long. Early in '83, I took a 1950's child's encyclopedia to gaze at on the loo and saw a drawing of some mummers, ‘Mummer, that's the title for me’. Mystery musicians who are really ordinary workaday folk, it fit perfectly.

“Back to ‘Ladybird’. Part written in a German hotel room, one of my few songs to pop out on the road, was finished up in the back garden. Steve Nye's gentle three dimensional engineering caught the feel just right. Sparkling acoustic guitar, stately bass, classy piano and tactile drums. Sullen and uncommunicative he may have been, but he knew his knobs.”

Andy (on the demo): “I remember at the time consciously fighting back my obvious Beatle influences but this is the song where I just let them go. Not that it sounds very Fab Four, it was just my state of mind you understand. So believe it or not, the middle section of this humble hymn was a kind of epiphany for me. Let it bee.”


O, ladybird

I have heard you wish to walk me through your garden

I crave your pardon if I woke you with my thinking


O, ladybird

I have heard you wish to walk me through your meadow

You'll spread no wings to fly in fright if I'm beside you


All through the winter time

When wood was worm and splintered

Time seemed longer than a goods train

Now that spring is back again

I'll ask your name, your name

O, ladybird

I have heard you wish to walk across my pillow

No weeping willow was ever as beautiful, sad as you are


And as you're walking past

I'm laying on the grass and making chains of thought

To snare you with my wit

But bit by bit you fade to gone


All through the iron season

Love was hanged and treason became

Something of a parlour game

Now sun is back in power

I'll ask your name, your name

O, ladybird

I have heard you have to run to tend your children

No flood can drown nor fire blacken purest longing

For ladybird


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