"Let's Have Fun" is a song by Colin Moulding. It appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set. It is a White Music outtake.


Colin: “I am profoundly relieved that I survived this phase in my musical development without contracting a permanent twitch. Songs were as short as our attention spans, not to mention gigs, which were very nervous affairs. But sooner or later this high octane, intoxicating music, had to give way to something more grown up. We enjoyed the stop and go of Steve Harley and figured that we too could leave those irritating gaps and pride ourselves that we were as tight. It seemed to matter a hell of a lot. I have always thought that maybe this little ditty would end up the theme to some groovy kids programme on the box, A Magpie or a Tiswas, as its itchiness one could liken to the child who wouldn't sit still.”

Andy: “We were so proud of our tightness then. Like some musical martial arts display team, the punches between high hat and guitar or bass and snare drum took us into almost sexual delight. As you can tell from the epic length of this track, brevity was XTC's middle name then.”


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