"Little Lighthouse" is a song by Andy Partridge under the pseudonym "Sir John Johns." It appeared on the 1987 The Dukes of Stratosphear LP Psonic Psunspot and the co-released CD compilation Chips from the Chocolate Fireball.

The demo appeared on the Jules Verne's Sketchbook cassette of demos by Andy in 1987, and on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 3 in 2003.


Andy: “ ‘Little Lighthouse’ was a track that we started to record for Skylarking. Todd (Rundgren, producer) got bored with it, so I thought The Dukes could do it. The Dukes made it sound like a lot of bands that imitated the Stones.”

Gary Pig Gold: “More Prunes! (tremolo effect on guitar). Slight XTC influence (a la ‘This Is Pop?’). ‘Conquistador’ trumpet). ‘19th Nervous Breakdown’ bassline on end fade.”

Andy (on the demo): “This West Coast style blatz was written for SKYLARKING in 1985. It reminds me of bands like ‘Moby Grape’ etc. ‘. . .Cross the black and fossil oceans vast, I see love and she doth brightly burn. . .’”

Andy (on the demo): “This was destined for the ‘Dukes’ from the outset really. It was sent to Todd along with all the other Skylarking demos and even though we tried recording it in San Francisco (its spiritual home!), it was never going to fit with all of its pastoral playmates. A rotten quality demo, truly fuzzy, but having a punkadelic flair all its own.”


She's a little lighthouse when she

Opens up her huge eyes

And streams of diamonds shoot out

'Til we're wading waist deep in her brilliant love

She's a little lighthouse when she

Opens up her red mouth

And gold word ribbons rope and rodeo

The dark clouds in bouquet above

For how long will this dark age last?

For how long must we wait to learn?

Across the black and fossil ocean vast

I spy love and she doth brightly burn

Love sure lives in the right house

She's a little lighthouse when she

Opens up her huge mind and

Thoughts descending spears of crystal

Build a Jacob's ladder up to love

She's a little lighthouse

When she opens up her red dress

Show skin of rubber marble

Lit by knowledge and the fireflies above

And can others see this splendid beam?

Or do they navigate in dark?

If you ever want to dock your dream

Well you'll need love to guide your fragile ark

Love sure keeps a bright house

She's a little lighthouse

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