"Looking for Footprints," later recorded as "Sleepyheads," is a song by Colin Moulding. "Looking for Footprints," originally a Go 2 outtake, was released as a free flexidisc with the February 1982 issue of Flexipop magazine, then it appeared on the 1990 odds-and-ends compilation Rag and Bone Buffet. "Sleepyheads," a Drums and Wires outtake, appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set.


Andy (on "Looking for Footprints"): “Originally recorded for Go 2. Done in 1978 it's the earliest song on Rag & Bone Buffet.”

Colin (on "Sleepyheads"): “Conceived when the disco inferno was raging, we gave in freely to its intoxication and recorded this out-take from a previous record with just as much spirit as any in the session. Why? I hear you ask. Because we enjoyed this kind of music more than we were prepared to admit. Really? Yes really, consider the evidence. Soundchecks at the time consisted of a drummer who took every opportunity to ‘Pea-Soup it’ all over the place. A guitar player who loved those chinky little riffs that Chic made all their own. Not to mention a recent purchase the whole group was enamoured with. A monophonic synthesizer that made a similar noise to the one that you hear on that well known anthem, Jive Talkin'. No my friend, it didn't need too much persuasion to convince my fellow conspirators to join in the fun. Fare thee well. Fare thee well.”

Andy (on "Sleepyheads"): “Sometimes, Rasputinlike, a song needs more than one killing before it'll lay down and die. We'd already tackled this for Go 2 under the guise of ‘Looking For Footprints’, only to have it present itself for a more thorough state funeral on Drums and Wires. But this time we were playing it with much more of a rubber bounce, so much so that for a while it was known simply as ‘Disco’. Not wanting to make an ‘anthology’ like event, or anything, but Colin and I just could not finish the backing vocals for laughing when a very cheeky fly got into the vocal booth and aimed straight at my mouth. Mammoth fit of giggles, couldn't sing another note, end of session I'm afraid.”


I want a back seat

Because I'm dead beat

I'm respirating

To sounds of the engine

Gives us sleepyheads, sleepyheads

The road ahead it takes us to our beds

Sleepyheads, sleepyheads,

Our minds they race but our bodies are dead

Just like looking for footprints

Looking for footprints

The lights are twisted

Each one is misted

Two, four, and counting

Head nod in twenty

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