"Miniature Sun" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1989 album Oranges & Lemons.

The demo appeared on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 1 in 2002.


Andy: “The first half goes up -- a love song, how great it is. What great things the sun does for life. Then something happens in the middle. He's been rejected. And the other half is all down. He's upset and angry. And the sun is cruel. As far as I'm concerned, this song didn't come out Mel Torme enough.”

Andy (on the demo): “My cheapo sample keyboard was the reason this has a lot of posh punch. Load in a guitar chord, blend with processed cheese home organ tone. Stir with three fingered triad shapes until utterly... like... jazzed. Loved the honeymoon on Saturn, 1962, Playboy luke warm cool of it all. Is it time to start my secret career as night club crooner Mel Lowe?”


I'm 12 o'clock,

All daylight hours,

I'll warm your bed,

I'll grow your flowers

Like I'm a miniature sun

This ball ignited when she told me I was her only one

I'm not the same now

I'm not that plain little boy

I'm all aflame now

I'm king up here like a miniature sun

No life comes close,

I'm rising higher,

On holiday,

On ball of fire,

You made a miniature sun

There's no more shadows in this world she says I'm her only one

I'm not the same now

I'm not that plain little boy

I'm all aflame now

I radiate like a miniature sun

Now everything looks right today,

A billion watts of bright today

And I'm a blazing kite today

I think I'll float around her house,

And tell her exactly how she makes me glow

But then the other man leaving merely doffs his hat,

And I'm the last to know

Now everything looks wrong today

An out of tune sung song today

I've grown from big King Kong today,

Right down to miniature

Don't come too close,

I'll burn your arm,

I'll bleach your hair,

Dustbowl your farm,

I'll blind your eyes,

You blinded mine,

I'll spin with rage,

All summertime,

You made a miniature sun

Just take a look up in the nightsky, I'm not the only one

I'm not the same now

I'm not that vain little boy that I was

I'm all to blame now,

Look out below here I come!

Man crashing down like a miniature sun

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