"Mopti Fake" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1987 home demo cassette collection Jules Verne's Sketchbook, then on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 3 in 2003.

A second version, "Mopti Fake 2," also appears on Fuzzy Warbles Volume 3.


Andy: “Someone gave me a cassette of very obscure North African music. I thought it was great and attempted to ‘fake it’ and use the style to inspire a song. One lyrical idea was called ‘You're My Drug’ (but that became another tune). At the end of this wordless wander, my wife walks in the room and asks if ‘I want to do anything’, I think we settled on a Chinese meal.”

Andy: “Virgin's Jumbo Van Renen (lovely man) made me up a cassette of various African musics. My favorite was by a small combo from Mopti, in Mali. Here is my attempt to forge part of it, the main riff. My counterfeit fiddlings were foiled by my then wife, barging into the room to ask ‘if I want to do anything tonight?’. Usually a coded request for a Chinese meal. The Mopti magic was to elude me in favour of Mu Shu pork.”

Andy (on Mopti Fake 2): “But I couldn't leave it alone. What was the secret of the camel's hump? Where would I find water? Would Captain Haddock rescue me in time? Sorry, I digress. Another attempt at amateur African alchemy.”



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