"New Broom" is a dub experiment by Andy Partridge, based on the track "Making Plans for Nigel" by Colin Moulding. It appeared on Andy's 1980 dub LP Take Away / The Lure of Salvage, later on the 1990 collection Explode Together: The Dub Experiments 78-80.


Andy (on the 'Mr. A' in the song): “Mr. Ditko is an American cartoonist who produced some extremely moral comic books called ‘Mr. A.’ According to Steve Ditko there is only right and wrong, no grey areas. Mr. A. was the uncorruptable central figure of these books.”


We need a new broom

To sweep it all clean

We need a beat boom

We need a new scheme

Break all the deadlocks

And spill all the beer

Mr Ditko was right

Mr A so near

Break out the paints and the brushes

And spill out your hearts

No amount of soft soap

Can ever give you a fresh start

We are walking on a tight rope

We can slip beyond religion

The answer's in your cranium

And not on independent television

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