"No One Here Available" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1992 fan club cassette The Bull with the Golden Guts, then on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 2 in 2002.


Andy: “Recorded in '85 for my brother in law's answerphone. Instant Wailers, just add hot sea water. Feel free to use it on your phone!”

Andy: “Here it is, that Jacob Marley and the Wailers answer phone message. One of a series I made for my then brother in law in 1985. Stick it on your phone, feel free. Hearing it now, it sounds more like Robert Morley and his waders.”


No one here available right now

Please leave your name and your number

Leave your name and your number we'll get back to you somehow

We're busy workin'!

No one here available right now

Please leave your message after the tone

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