"Red Brick Dream" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared as a B-side to the "All You Pretty Girls" 12" single. It was later included as a bonus track on re-releases of The Big Express.

The demo appeared on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 5 in 2004.


Andy (on the demo): “Andy feeling his way into a song from XTC's Big Express period. Is this the only track that ever mentions Swindon?”

Andy (on the demo): “Another ‘feeling it out’ demo complete with its own gibberish lyric. I was wading around in a fog of Great Western workers' ghosts trying to grasp some meaning.”


Red brick dream

Windows scream

As the rusting North Star shines above

And drops its iron beams

Crashing down upon the rooves of Swindon Town

I heard the engine's dying breath

Castles and kings all starved to death

I dropped the coronation cup

Sshh, please don't wake them up from

Red brick dream

Red brick dream

Buttons gleam

By the light of the furnace pouring

Molten memories

Splashing down upon the rooves of Swindon Town

The men of muscle piston rods

Who forged the horses of the gods

They made the town a set of chains

And sleeping it remains in

Red brick dream

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