"Reign of Blows (Vote No Violence!)" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1984 album The Big Express.

Both the early version of the song, "Rain of Blows," and the demo appeared on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles collection bonus disc, Hinges.


Reign of blows

Reign of blows

Reign of blows cascading down upon your shoulders

Far too many men dressed up as soldiers

The lamb is brought to the ground

Under the weight of the Crown

A crown of thorns and dark deeds

The swastika and the hammer and symbol

Are sickles that reap only weeds

Reign of blows

Reign of blows

Reign of blows precedes a storm of revolution

People have no place in their solution

So torture raises its head

Decked out in blue, white, and red

And iron maidens will slam

And by the half light of burning republics

Joe Stalin looks just like Uncle Sam

Reign of blows

Reign of blows

Reign of blows has washed away the corpse of Abel

Cain is now the king in every Babel

I just don't care who you are

When death draws up in his car

And talks in terrorist tones

Remember violence is only a vote for the

Black Queen to take back the throne

Reign of blows

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