"Rocket" is a song by Andy Partridge, written by Ernest Noyes Brookings. It appeared on Place of General Happiness: Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol. 2 in 1991, the 1992 fan club cassette The Bull with the Golden Guts, then on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 1 in 2002.


Andy: “David Greenberger, editor of the magazine Duplex Planet, asked me to put one of the works of American poetry naif, the late Ernest Noyes Brookings, to music. Here is the result, Sergio Mendes and Soft Machine 66. (We want Hoopiter!)”

Andy: “Ernest Noyes Brookings lived in the Duplex nursing home, where his naïve but mind juddering poetry was documented by David Greenberger for the magazine Duplex Planet. David asked me if I would set one of Ernest's pieces to music, which I excitedly agreed to, and chose ‘Rocket’. Strap yourselves in, I tried to make the melody and meter of the music hang on to Ernie's wild logic/illogic bucking bronco. So, put aside all thoughts of astral matter, refresh yourself with a glass of fancy cows milk and yell ‘we want hoopiter!’ Blast off!”


Cape Canaveral Florida, ready for takeoff stages

Zoom destination an isolated planet Mars

On which observed many relics of past ages

On return despite rocks no spars

2nd destination world's largest planet Jupiter

From there obtained some ancient relics

When returned at base -- we want Hoopiter!

And we would like some fancy cow's milk

3rd destinations many ringed planet Saturn

While there darted among the rings

At base had a few thoughts of astral matter

Again at base a welcoming with sings

4th zoom destination to an isolated planet Neptune

Whose surface was clear of any vegetation

At base quote -- would like large dirigible balloon

During when there was no hesitation

5th zoom destination smallest planet Pluto

On which there are many beautiful sights

It has no vegetation you know

No power to illuminate dark nights

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