"Shaking Skin House" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1987 home demo cassette collection Jules Verne's Sketchbook, then on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 6 in 2004. It is a precursor to "Merely a Man."


Andy: “Another half song plus blah blah blah mumbled lyric, proper words to be written at a later date. I thought the chords had a good idiot stomp. At one time this was a potential title for what became THE BIG EXPRESS.”

Andy: “Half born proto song, something for The Big Express. Sometimes I just blunder into a recording not knowing what it's about or where I'm going, returning to it later to pick over the wreckage for salvageable stuff. In this I found the idea for ‘Merely a Man’, so it wasn't a wasted exercise. Also considered using its full name, ‘Another Product From Shaking Skin House’, as the title for The Big Express. A shaking skin house being a person.”


Zap, pow pow zap

Zap, pap, pap, pap zap

Da da da da

Zap, pap pap zap

Pop, pop pop pop

Here's something coming

Maybe a song or two

Can't stop from strumming

Can you feel it too?

I'm merely a man and I want

Nothing but love from you

I'm merely a man and I want

Nothing more than to do

What I want in the songs

And the order

[make up gibber that ends in something rhyming with order][1]

It's another another product

From Shaking Skin House

Another product

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