"Song for Wes Long" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on Andy's Fuzzy Warbles Volume 8 in 2006.


Andy: “Now here's a thing. Every so often I like to surprise people with personally tailored musical offerings. Bit like a cat dragging in a dead bird to deposit at your feet, it's meant well. The very likeable Wes Long runs the beautiful website [1] and with extreme generosity has showered me with antique American toy soldiers. Box after box have arrived, I'm delighted, he's broke now surely? So I wrote him a thank you in song. Cheers Wes, you're a champ. Give them my regards at the soup kitchen!”


This is my song for Wes Long

This is my song for Wes Long

These are my thanks

For the troops and tanks and tiny figures he sends

These are my cheers

For the tears of joy that fall out

When each parcel tumbles through the post

This is my song for Wes Long (thanks Wes Long)

This is my song for Wes Long (thanks Wes Long)

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