"Standing in for Joe" is a song by Colin Moulding. It appeared on the 2002 album Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2).

The demo and a lounge version appeared on the Wasp Star companion demo album, Homegrown.

An instrumental version appeared on the Wasp Star instrumental album, Waspstrumental.


Colin: “Glam stomp meets Country and Western. Lament. Originally written for... ‘The Bubblegum Record’, this project never saw the light of day. So we thought let's do it anyway.”

Colin (on the demo): “I was not that familiar with ‘Bubblegum’ music until the cassette was thrust into my hand and a plan hatched to create some of it with new songs. Up until that then my only brush with Bubblegum was the confectionary type, Bazooka Joe being my favorite, so I concluded that the name Joe must be in the title of at least one of the new compositions. It made perfect sense to me.”


I'm standing...

Standing in for Joe

Joe called up to ask me

Would I do a favour

While he's gonna be out of town

Said his girl needs company

She gets so restless

Would I keep her safe and sound

Softly softly in the night

Well you can guess the rest

Now these shoes fit all too well

Standing in for Joe

I'm standing in for Joe

Joe said we've been friends so long

That I would be the one

He would trust with his life

Now those words run round my brain

As darkness falls

And I turn out his bedroom light

Who could resist her tender charms

So the story goes

This actor he plays all the parts

Standing in for Joe

I'm standing in for...

Love is like a river

You cannot stop its flow

I'm standing in for Joe

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