"Take This Town" is a song by Andy Partridge. It was recorded for the 1980 film Times Square and appeared on the soundtrack LP, as well as be released as its own single. It later appeared in 1990 on the odds-and-ends compilation Rag and Bone Buffet.

Single tracklistingEdit

  1. A-side: "Take This Town"
  2. B-side: The Ruts - "Babylon's Burning"


Andy: “The only new song especially written for Times Square, this really bad movie. Again [see ‘Happy Families’], it's heard on a transistor radio! We're not going to do any more songs from movies because they're always on transistor radios.”


Living in a rabbit tunnel

Keep the doggie in her kennel

Mustn't let her see the world

Oh, no!

Don't treat her like that

Oh, no!

Don't treat her like that

Living under Mum and Daddy

Carry hope just like a caddie

Mustn't let them see you're killed

Shout it clear for all to hear

You won't shoot this bird down

Shout it clear for all to hear

We're going to take this town

Turn a deaf ear to the orders

Keep them as your perfect daughters

Mustn't let them know their minds

Turning on to only music

Breaking from their childhood attic

Mustn't let them open the blinds

It's time she stopped being your ornament

It's time she put that in the past for permanent

You can't hold her if she wants to roam around

You can't hold her dream and keep it gagged and bound.

We're going

We're going to

We're going to take

We're going to take this

We're going to take this

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