"The Affiliated" is a song by Colin Moulding under the pseudonym "The Red Curtain". It appeared on the 1987 The Dukes of Stratosphear LP Psonic Psunspot and the co-released CD compilation Chips from the Chocolate Fireball.


Andy: “Colin wrote ‘The Affiliated’ for our next album but wanted to do it quick before we got bored with it, so changed the character of it to be slightly more Ray Davies. The middle section was an attempt to be like Unit 4+2's ‘Concrete And Clay’; percussion, acoustic guitars, a slightly latin feel.”

Andy: “There's a bit of whispering after ‘The Affiliated’ — that's the two little girls Lily and Lila Fraser in the control room, and they think we're not listening to them, like the Mothers of Invention thing, but we left the mic running, I don't know what they're saying to each other but you can hear them whispering and it's only in one channel of the speaker.”

Gary Pig Gold: “A Mini-Opera! More minor-chord Beatles (‘Cry Baby Cry’) / ‘Dating Game’ and Byrds break in middle.”


Pubs and clubs and opening hours

Was all he knew

One arm bandits and Affiliated members

Women taboo

Had his own tankard

And the evening Standard

And a trophy from darts

That he kept over the bar

He'd nothing to fear

He had his beer


Then came her

Through the blur

Then came she

Made him see

He saw the light before he'd finished his pint

She saved him from the biggest crime in life

They hated her

They said you'll never see him again

Got a mortgage 'round his neck

And eight screaming kids

But his seat's always here if he wants it

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