"The Disappointed" is a song by Andy Partridge. It appeared on and was released as a single for the 1992 album Nonsuch. It reached No. 33 on the UK Singles chart.

The home demo appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set.

Single tracklistingEdit

7", French 12" limited edition promo singleEdit

  1. A-side: "The Disappointed"
  2. B-side: "The Smartest Monkeys" (Colin Moulding)

CD-5 singleEdit

  1. "The Disappointed"
  2. "The Smartest Monkeys (demo)"
  3. "The Smartest Monkeys"
  4. "Humble Daisy"

10" singleEdit

  1. A-side: "The Disappointed"
  2. B-side 1: "The Smartest Monkeys"
  3. B-side 2: "Humble Daisy"

Japan CD-3 singleEdit

  1. "The Disappointed"
  2. "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead"

Australia CD-5 singeEdit

  1. "The Disappointed"
  2. "Making Plans for Nigel" (Moulding)
  3. "Generals and Majors" (Moulding)
  4. "Senses Working Overtime"
  5. "The Smartest Monkeys"

Canada CD-5 promo singleEdit

  1. "The Disappointed"


Andy: “I fancied writing something that was up musically and dejected lyrically at the same time. It's about people who've been neglected in affairs of the heart, and they band together to form an organisation of the disappointed. Then they all congregate round this guy's house and declare him their king. It's in memory of morose teenage incapacity with the opposite sex.”

Andy (on the home demo): “I remember Dave [Mattacks, drummer] couldn't get the shuffle beat I wanted. . .” Dave: “He did actually get eight bars of it.” Andy: “Then we looped it. This was nominated for an Ivor Novello award. Never won it, though.”


The disappointed

All shuffle round in circles

Their placards look the same

With a picture and a name

Of the ones who broke their hearts

The disappointed

All congregate at my house

Their voices sob with grief

That they want to be chief

Of the tribe with broken hearts

Once, I had no sympathy

For those destroyed and thrown away by love

Seems, your ring upon my finger

Signifies that I've become the spokesman of...

The disappointed

Will bear me on their shoulders

To a secret shadow land

Where a sombre marching band

Plays a tune for broken hearts

And day grows darker now

Everywhere, everywhere

The disappointed

Are coming in their millions

They're spilling from the bus

At a monument to us

Made of bits of broken heart

The disappointed

Are growing every second

They blot the sun to black

At the bottom of the pack

I'm the king of broken hearts



Promo video for "The Disappointed". Uploaded by YouTube user "xtcollectorsociety."

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