"The Troubles" is a song by Andy Partridge. It originally appeared in 1987 as a B-side to the "The Meeting Place" 12" single. It later appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set.


Well hush my children don't you cry

The troubles will soon all be over

The tears that swell in every eye

Will fall to the ground and bring clover

The soldiers are only teenage boys

The same as in Durban or Dover

So rein aside all your warring toys

The troubles will soon all be over

Well hush my children go to sleep

The troubles will soon all be over

Their bombs will form a rusting heap

For flowers and fern to grow over

Their leaders are only drunk with fear

They wouldn't do this be they sober

And when they drink our friendship clear

The troubles will soon all be over

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