"Us Being US" is a song by Barry Andrews. It appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set. It is a Go 2 outtake, one of the only four songs Barry wrote for XTC, and one of the two that would be rejected.


Barry: “Being a bile-filled exegesis of things Swindonian and working class and the accompanying necessity of buggering off as quickly as possible. Bit of a social commentator I was back then - with a strong helping of council estate visionary: Springsteen and Patti Smith smiling upon the young poet bursting through the roadblocks of society's restrictions in a borrowed Cortina. Oh yus. Gimme a break, I was still living with my Mum and Dad.”

Andy: “Another victim of Herr Partridge's vinyl solution, see above. Bursting with great young energy, this manic ball of fury is totally infectious. When I heard this again recently, the compulsion to ‘twist’ was overwhelming, try it! Again, a very good lyric, part of what scared me no doubt. The ultra harsh guitar sound at the end was made by using a pair of Abbey Road headphones as my speaker cabinet. I shall never forget the sight of them actually jumping across the floor in their death agony. Sacrificing themselves selflessly, so that the right distortion be found. I suppose Abbey Road just put it on the bill.”


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