"Wonderland" is a song by Colin Moulding. It appeared on and was released as a single for the 1983 album Mummer. It's one of three final tracks on which founding member Terry Chambers would perform.

A promo video was made for the XTC episode of Play at Home.

The home demo appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set.

Single tracklistingEdit

7" singleEdit

  1. A-side: "Wonderland (edit)"
  2. B-side: "Jump" (Andy Partridge)

7" USA promo singleEdit

  1. A-side: "Wonderland (edit)"
  2. B-side: "Wonderland (edit)"

Australia 7" singleEdit

  1. A-side: "Wonderland (long edit)"
  2. B-side: "Funk Pop a Roll" (Partridge)


Andy: “We were trying to get a tropical sound.” Colin: “Do you remember that cheap echo chamber. . .?” Andy: “We dragged out the mono Korg synth again.”

Andy (on the home demo): “Across Swindon, in a carbon copy universe, Colin was also putting his new four track to work. This, I believe, was its first outing. We'd bought a new keyboard for ourselves, a Prophet V, and it was polyphonic, meaning you could play more than one note at a time, in this case five at once (wow!). Myself or Dave shared the new Prophet and Colin snaffed the old faithful Korg, I think he's still got it. This demo's cascading bloops were made on Old Faithful. Incidentally, I think this is one of Colin's more beautiful melodies, and so complete, that my only suggestion to help it on its way, was the addition of tropical bird sounds for the finished article.”


Can't you see

Love and affection

When it's put

In your direction

Wrapped in your mysterious wonderland

No fast car

Can make you grow up


You think you've sewn up

Locked in your wonderful wonderland

No dark horse like me can cramp all of your style

Too plain and simple I am for your file

One day you will break out of your spell

And some day you will want me for your own

And I'll say welcome to reality

All this talk

Of late night parties

Flirting with the lower gentry

Lost in your magical wonderland

Out of depth

Out of class

Phase of your life

Will come to pass

Caught in this tragical wonderland

All of the riches that shine will turn sour

Each moment you slip you will bring near the hour

And one day you will break out of your spell

And some day you will want me for your own

And I'll say welcome to reality

Wrapped in your mysterious wonderland

Caught in your superficial non-existent fairy story




Promo video for "Wonderland." Uploaded by YouTube user "PinkMoonchild08."

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