"Your Gold Dress" is a song by Andy Partridge under the pseudonym "Sir John Johns." It appeared on The Dukes of Stratosphear 1985 debut EP 25 O'Clock and the 1987 compilation Chips from the Chocolate Fireball.


Andy: “ ‘Your Gold Dress’ was the first things written for 25 O'Clock. I came up with the stupidest riff in the history of riffs and thought it was spot on.” [[Dave Gregory|Dave: “We borrowed Nicky Hopkins sound from ‘She's A Rainbow’.” Andy: “He made Satanic Majesties - The Stones would have fallen apart at that time without Nicky Hopkins. He is ‘We Love You’. One of my favorite ever albums.”


You gold dress is whirling around

Like a fan it's lifting you high

High above the ground

Never coming down

You gold dress is burning alight

Deafens me with the sound of the sun

Setting fire to the night

And everything's all right

Vibrations coming my way

When you're floating on by

In your gold dress

Vibrations coming to play

When you're filling the sky

With your gold ... dress

Your gold dress is shaming the stars

A thousand melting Dali guitars

Make no sound

And dripping slowly down

Your gold dress is all I can see

Blind my eyes but there it will be

Beacon burning bright

And everything's all right

Your gold dress!

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